About the CSF Podcast

Hi there, I’m James S. Aaron. 

You can read about my books here: jamesaaron.net/books

I started this podcast to accomplish a few goals.

First, I wanted to read more science fiction short stories (and fantasy, weird, speculative, what-have-you). Like many people in today’s world of notifications and distractions, I find it easy to put something down when I’m trying to read it. So I figured if I recorded myself reading aloud, something I like to do, I would be more likely to finish the stories.

Second, I want to expand my knowledge of the genre. My reading has been mostly recent work, and I would like to read more from before the turn of the century. I also have library packed full of anthologies, collections and vintage magazines that I’ve thrifted over the past few years. 

I’m not a professional narrator. I just like reading short stories and I hope you enjoy listening to them. I’ll post everything I can learn about the author and publication in the show notes. I would also like to bring attention to authors or publications that may have been forgotten. The hardest task in today’s market for a writer is discoverability, so if I can do my small part, that’s also a win.

If I read something that belongs to you, and you don’t want me promoting it in this way, please let me know at james -at- jamesaaron.net.

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the show.